We comply with the standards of ISO and the Construction Quality Assessment (CONQUAS), Striving for continuous improvements, customer satisfaction and dedication to professionalism

Continuous Improvements

In the quest for continual improvement, CRSSB had taken on and successfully completed various challenging projects on premium high-rise condominiums, commercial centres, government headquarters and other structures. Each successive completion of quality and excellence.

Customer Satisfaction

Knowing well that the completion of a project is but the beginning to the next phase of building maintenance, CRSSB takes the initiative not only complying with the demands of our clients in quality, but also shares the knowledge in building maintenance and effective cost management with them.

Dedication to Professionalism

The strength of CRSSB is powered by a large team of dedicated professionals, each experts of their fields providing the necessary skills and knowledge in the execution of each constructions projects. As CRSSB is dedicated to quality and excellence. So, we demand the same from each member of our team, as they are the fundamental factor in fulfilling the requirement of our clients.

Company Policy

We strike to provide the high quality services, technical to our client.
We heartily are responsible and trustable to our client.
We expect to continue focus on growing our business and develop new client.
Our top priority is “Safety First” attitude and ensure a safe working environment for all the employees.
We are contributing to society through our business activities.

Core Values

We live by the S.P.I.R.I.T.E.D core values, which are :

S for Service-Oriented
P for performance, Professionalism and Passion
I for integrity
R for Respect
I for Innovation
T for Teamwork
E for Empowerment and Engagement
D for Discipline, Determination and Decisiveness


CRSSB aims to maintain the leader ship position in the construction industry by virtue of our commitment to quality and excellence through on-time delivery, excellent services and exceeding client expectations.


With Kuala Lumpur as its base, CRSSB aims to expand its operation first to neighbouring markets, with the ultimate goal of building a global presence and reputation in the international market.