We’re focus on creating new living spaces which are beautiful, useful and innovative

Corporate Overview

Two years of experience in the construction and civil engineering sector put CRSSB in the position to offer supreme value and excellence that is demanded by the market. Known then as RZF Construction Sdn Bhd in 25th February 2004, its growth and expansion lead to its incorporation as Central Resources Services Sdn. Bhd. (CRSSB) 12th August 2015. As the corporation grows, so come it vision and ability to take on the challenge put forth by market requirements, and with it, the pursuit of design innovation, quality and excellent services through usage of superior materials and fine workmanship. With a dedicated and strong team of professionals, CRSSB has been growing from strength to strength, earning a reputable position in the construction sector. Over the course of CRSSB’s corporate history, it has accumulated the know-how in the designing and building of different architectures, from commercial plazas, industrial lots, luxury condominiums and gated residences, low and medium cost high rise apartments, landed properties, government buildings and religious buildings. In the construction of these buildings, CRSSB employs innovative processes in the earthwork, piling and foundation work, industrial & steel fabrication and sewerage, as well as employing qualified experts and staff for on site management. CRSSB’s two years of experience puts it in a position of market leadership in the construction and civil engineering sector, offering value, quality and excellence with design innovation, superior materials and fine workmanship. Always ready to face the challenges ahead, CRSSB aims for continuous improvement, dedicated professionalism and customer satisfaction.

Corporate Leadership

CRSSB is led by its founder Dato’ Abdoll Razak Bin K.M.Mohamad Sultan, a visionary and experienced entrepreneur in the field of construction and civil engineering. Dato’ Mohd Irwan Bin Abdoll Razak is an accomplished businessman that understands the need of active participation in civil society. The youngest in family Mohd Ridzuwan Bin Abdoll Razak, expand his knowledge in engineering to bring more values to the company.


To ensure continuous improvement in customer satisfaction, quality and service excellence, CRSSB has obtained ISO certification in the area of construction and engineering, as well as in its quality management systems.

Experience an Guarantee of Quality

CRSSB leverages its two years of experience to offer unique niches to the market, fulfilling the need of competitive costing of our clientele, while offering quality building material, workmanship and efficient processes that is expected of us.

Service Unparalleled

Though often neglected, there is the need for proper maintenance of completed structures. Here, CRSSB puts in the additional effort of designing and construction of buildings that are low in maintenance with practical building designs, high quality materials and innovative fabrication processes to ensure straightforward routine maintenance in the future.

Becoming a part of the community

Knowing well the many needs of the community, CRSSB actively engages in many corporate social responsibility projects by constructing buildings such as schools and religious places of worships that is benefit to the neighbourhood.

Prompt Completion

CRSSB pride itself of able to deliver project within the time frame given, knowing that interruption and delay will increase the cost of the project, defer payment to suppliers and affect the business schedule of property investors.